As the division of Talance Inc. focused on the education of front-line health workers, CHWTraining provides online professional development to learners across the United States. We offer 12 courses and four learning tracks in a variety of disciplines, including:

Exceptional Curricula

CHWTraining’s online learning methodology combines the most successful elements of in-person instruction with the flexibility of an online learning environment. Professional instructional designers collaborate with industry experts to develop CHWTraining’s evidence-based courses. All CHWTraining content is rigorously tested.

Widely Applicable Content

CHWTraining’s courses are applicable to a wide variety of front-line health workers, including community health workers (CHWs), promotor(a)s, outreach workers, peer educators, outreach specialists, health advocates, support workers, care coordinators, case workers, community advocates, community health associates, patient navigators, health liaisons, peer advocates and other related roles.

Self-Paced and Instructor-Facilitated

CHWTraining’s courses are self-paced and completely online. Most are facilitated by subject-matter experts who lead learners and challenge them to apply course concepts to real-life situations. Courses are designed to fit into the busy schedules of health workers, so asynchronous courses run 24/7. There are no set check-in times, and each learner determines the schedule that works best.

Flexible Dates That Lead to Completion

CHWTraining works with you to determine start and end dates that are best for your team. We believe that the most successful self-directed learning has a finish line. Most CHWTraining courses take from two to four hours to complete over a one-week period. Our completion rate is around 80 percent, higher than the industry average.

Support and Collaboration

Our standard training packages accommodate up to 20 people with the option of adding more learners. Courses are designed around interaction and discussion that allow participants to share experiences and learning goals. Expert facilitators bring additional perspective to the shared-learning experience.  

Emphasis on Practical Skills

CHWTraining’s courses transform front-line health workers into skilled staff through relevant practice and discussion. Courses include knowledge-checks and case studies that represent real clients and patients. They guide learners through basic knowledge and then give learners a chance to practice so they can apply the concepts to your organization. All courses include handouts, tools and other aids that learners can put to use right away.

Learning tracks present learners with all the key skills they need to master a topic. These equip learners with everything they need to apply skills to their jobs.

CHWTraining courses draw on a variety of components to provide this practical learning:

  • Forum discussions
  • Sample dialogues
  • Downloadable resources
  • Case studies and examples
  • Facilitator guidance
  • Practice activities
  • Audio and video

Our approach allows learners to become active participants in their own learning. That way, they can bring to your organization all the skills they need to improve health outcomes.